Game-changers will come from outside.

Have you ever noticed that whenever new, game-changing transformational products are launched, it’s often from those who had nothing to do with that industry? Think Apple. Who would have thought that Apple, a company that sold computers, would change the way we listen to music, or communicate by phone, or even the way we do business. Think Google. They dominate the field of organizing and searching information (amongst many other things). In my younger days, if one had to research … Continue reading

Motivating Beyond Money

Building an amazing team is key to growing a business. But are people only motivated by money and this why you get employees asking for a raise often, or are other factors important to attract, retain and motivate your team? I found this video that I wanted to share with you; whether you already have a team or just starting out, the points in this video are important to keep in mind. Can you impact behaviour with money? How do you … Continue reading