Game-changers will come from outside.

Have you ever noticed that whenever new, game-changing transformational products are launched, it’s often from those who had nothing to do with that industry?

Think Apple. Who would have thought that Apple, a company that sold computers, would change the way we listen to music, or communicate by phone, or even the way we do business.

Think Google. They dominate the field of organizing and searching information (amongst many other things). In my younger days, if one had to research a topic, we often turned to the Encyclopedia Brittanica. These guys specialized in putting together and selling knowledge. Yet today, most of us first turn to Google (or perhaps even Wikipedia) when searching for information – if Encyclopedia Brittanica were experts in this field, why aren’t they dominating the online search and knowledge sharing field today?

There are many examples of once world-leading organizations being wiped out by new players who come from the outside. Think Kodak.

An old ninja saying: “In competition, the best ninja does not worry about fighting the second or third best. They worry about the 20th best.” That’s because the 20th best has nothing to lose and will use tactics outside the normal way of thinking. I would go further and argue that in the real world, a ninja should also worry about another fighter who has no ninja experience. Because they will break all the rules and change the way you fight.

I believe, those from outside our industries are not constrained by their beliefs or narrow thinking. They start to question why not, and will find other ways of doing things. They approach problems in a different way, and don’t dwell on limitations, so if you want to star a new business what you have to is believe in your project and them check this online business tips.

How does this apply to your thinking, your business, or your industry?