Enhanced Feature: Agent Commissions

The Agent Commissions section shows you a list of invoices by agent and the amount of commission owing to the agent. Previously, to help you decide which invoices to pay agents, invoices that still had a supplier commission amount that was outstanding were highlighted in red. We have now enhanced this feature further by showing invoices that have a supplier commission amount outstanding AND invoices that have a customer amount still receivable in red. Each agency has a different policy … Continue reading

New Feature: Write-Off Customer Amounts

We’ve just added a quick new feature that let’s you write-off an uncollectable amount owing from your customer. To write-off a customer receivable amount, simply do the following: From the Back-Office module, either edit the invoice (by clicking on invoice management on the left and searching for the invoice) OR click on “Customer Receivables” to get a list of invoices for which amounts are receivable and click ‘received’ next to the amount you wish to write-off. Add a customer payment … Continue reading

Training Videos: Creating Basic Invoices

I just finished producing a 3-part video to help agents get started with using the TravelOffice app. Many agencies told us that they did not have time to teach new agents and so we thought this video will certainly help. In this 3 part video, agents will learn to login, navigate the Invoice Management module, create basic invoices, and search for existing invoices. For best viewing quality, please watch the video in 720p HD on the full screen. (I know … Continue reading

Additional Payments Reports

There are many reports available in the Back-Office to help you with your accounting and managing your agency. We’ve added three more customer/supplier payment reports that should help you further, and all reports can be filtered by booking date, date received/paid and date deposited/withdrawn: Customer Payments Report – This report provides a detailed listing of all previous payments received from customers, including the booking date, date received, date deposited into the bank account, and reference information. Supplier Payments Report – … Continue reading

Best Wishes for 2013!

We would like to extend our best wishes to all our clients, users, readers and guests. Here’s to hoping 2013 brings you the best of health and success in your business and personal lives. – From the Team at Merang.  

Enhanced Supplier Recording & Reconciliation

We are excited to inform you of some enhancements we’ve made to the “Supplier Payables” and “Supplier Commissions Receivables” section that we are certain will help save even more time when recording payments/commissions and reconciling them to your bank statement. The enhancements we made were based on feedback received from several clients and their accountants (a big thank you to all those that provided feedback). Highlights of some changes include: The ability to further sort the payments/commissions lists based on … Continue reading

Game-changers will come from outside.

Have you ever noticed that whenever new, game-changing transformational products are launched, it’s often from those who had nothing to do with that industry? Think Apple. Who would have thought that Apple, a company that sold computers, would change the way we listen to music, or communicate by phone, or even the way we do business. Think Google. They dominate the field of organizing and searching information (amongst many other things). In my younger days, if one had to research … Continue reading

Building a Basic Accounting Process.

The Accounting Cycle: As a business owner, it is important to keep accurate records. Not only for external reporting purposes, but also to monitor the internal health of your company, if you are running a business check this useful tips for a new business owner. In the past, we have provided details on checking the health of your company (see “Taking Your Pulse”, “Your Assets”, and “Measuring Profitability”). But before, you can do this, it is important to ensure that … Continue reading

How does “Cash-Trust Account” work?

Lately, we’ve been receiving a number of questions about how the “Cash-Trust Account (Tracking)” section works in the Back-Office module. So, we decided to put this quick reference together for you. Please note that the “Cash-Trust Account” section is only useful for those agencies that maintain a separate “Trust” Bank Account where customer payments received are first deposited and supplier payments are made, with the leftover commission then being transferred to a “General” Bank Account. This is usually due to … Continue reading

Creating Invoices for Group Bookings

Many of our clients are focusing on group bookings (e.g. for destination weddings, student group travel etc.). Creating a separate travel invoice for each couple or passenger can be a daunting task (and a waste of time – time that you should be spending on more important tasks). Luckily, there is an easy way to create these invoices by creating a clone or duplicate invoice. Here’s what you need to do to create multiple invoices for a group: Create the … Continue reading