Creating Invoices for Group Bookings

Many of our clients are focusing on group bookings (e.g. for destination weddings, student group travel etc.). Creating a separate travel invoice for each couple or passenger can be a daunting task (and a waste of time – time that you should be spending on more important tasks). Luckily, there is an easy way to create these invoices by creating a clone or duplicate invoice.

Here’s what you need to do to create multiple invoices for a group:

  1. Create the first invoice completely for the first couple/passenger in the group, including all the itinerary details.
  2. Once completed, to create a duplicate or clone of this invoice, simply open this initial invoice, scroll to the bottom and click on the “Save as New Invoice” button. This will generate a new invoice with the same itinerary details, selling price, net cost etc. as the original (but will leave the customer and supplier payments blank so that you can complete it as needed).
  3. In this new duplicated invoice, just change the customer name/address (if needed; just remember to click on the ‘create’ button for a new customer, and not the ‘update’ button). Also change the passengers listed that is relevant to this new invoice. You can also change the selling price/net cost as required for this invoice by editing the travel product. Scroll down and click on the “Save Invoice” button.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional invoice you require for this group. Don’t forget to add how you received customer payments and made payments to supplier on each invoice, as applicable.

Here’s a tip: If you do a lot of group bookings, you may wish to assign some unique group id to each group (e.g. #GR001 – use a # sign so that we know it is a group). We recommend entering this as part of the Booking Reference field. For example, if you have added a ‘vacation package’ travel product and the supplier locator number/booking reference number is LGHFY, then you could enter ‘LGHFT/#GR001’ in the booking reference field for that product. Then,  in the future, if you wanted to search for all invoices related to that particular group booking, you simply go to the search feature and enter ‘GR001’ in the booking reference field to search for. The system will automatically show you all invoices related to that group booking.

The feedback we’ve received from users to date is that this feature has saved a lot of time when doing groups, and so we wanted to share this with you.