Training Videos: Creating Basic Invoices

I just finished producing a 3-part video to help agents get started with using the TravelOffice app. Many agencies told us that they did not have time to teach new agents and so we thought this video will certainly help. In this 3 part video, agents will learn to login, navigate the Invoice Management module, create basic invoices, and search for existing invoices. For best viewing quality, please watch the video in 720p HD on the full screen. (I know the sound quality isn’t the best – I will be looking at getting a better microphone in future).

Part 1: Learn to log into the app, learn about the features of the invoice management module, navigate the home page, and get started creating a basic invoice:

Part 2: Continue creating the basic invoice by learning to add travel and insurance products, and complete the booking details page:

Part 3: In this last part, learn to add payments and complete the invoice, as well as search the system for existing invoices:

We hope you find the videos useful. I plan on adding more videos on various topics in the future. Stay tuned.